For International Brand

We who knows the fashion industry
I will carry out consulting matched to each store.

As overall support business retail, management support of company store operations of Global thinking both inside and outside of the state, and store sales sales support, the total support of up to up to inventory management and attendance management of business support I will help!

POS system
● Sharing to the sales inventory management interlocking system

● Integrated management of up to logistics management also support

● Can be running the initial cost with zero start

Safe and economical cost data in the cloud specification

 ●Attendance management

● Linked from the shift management from time management to Payroll

Concierge service

● Seminar format from the basic charge ¥ about 50,000
Number of people and content each time we will correspond.

● Lecture can be customized to suit the store format and customer layer
[Initial basic charge, 3 hours ¥ 50,000 start-up price, up to 10 people]

● Store management analysis Seminar